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Many styles and wood choices to choose from.  Per foot prices will vary based on species and finishing options.  Custom orders welcome.

Prefinished and assembled casings for the home.

Available for new construction or upgrading finished windows.  Add the finishing touch to your home without making any mess.

Why buy prefinished and assembled casings?



All blind joinery with screws.  That means no nail holes all over the casings, and joints will stay tight forever since they are not individually attached to the framing.

Five minute install with two tools.  A screw gun to attach casing to the framing, and a small nail gun to attach the scribe molding.  Scribe is used to cover the small gap from the casing to the window and to hide the screws.  

No on site finishing.  No taping, no masking, no stink, no mess, no concerns over dust.  You install in 5 minutes and are done.  

Rear view of custom casing in front of installed casing